Instrument Rating or Commercial License

Our Highly Experienced instructors will dedicate a full 10 hour day and an airplane JUST FOR YOU!

One week to solo C-172!


AT LONG BEACH ca. klgb


us map of school locations



us map of school locations

Our professional instructors have more than 8500 hours each!


what you get


Dedicated airplane and instructor. Airplane when and where you want it! No scheduling hassles.

Time and cost efficient training! Book several days in a row or weekends only. Up to you!

Highly Experienced instructors, more than 8,500 hours each. Professional instructors, not time builders.

We design a custom program tailored to YOUR needs and schedule!

Training in our updated C-172R with Garmin GNS-430 WAAS and MVP Engine Monitor or Piper Seneca I with Garmin GNS-430 WAAS, slaved HSI, new paint, interior and Moving Map!

What is the difference between Accelerated and Immersion Training? Accelerated training focuses on getting you done in a certain amount of time. Immersion training focuses on you acquiring knowledge and skills at YOUR learning rate!

Block time discounts!



How to get started


call 662 574-9157 or email

We will design a custom program for you!

Chose a consecutive day training program to complete you rating!

Weekend only programs available!



Photo of our Seneca N101 SA cockpit $275 hr wet

Photo of our Seneca cockpit

Cessna 172R Cockpit $135 hr wet