Airline Transport Pilot

The Doctorate of Aviation!

FAA's Highest Certificate


Our Airline Transport Pilot Training focuses on you!

Highly Experienced ATP Flight Instructors focused on your Training

Accessible Aviation offers both a long and short training course to fit your needs. We specialize in training military pilots with little or no piston aircraft experience and current turbine pilots without recent piston experience. We speak JET, and know how to make your transition easier.

Our ATP program is at Columbus Ms. Within easy driving distance of most of the military pilot population. Stationed in California or the Northwest? You will find reasonable airline fares to Columbus Ms. Or fly in to Birmingham AL or Memphis TN (both about a 2 hour drive). We are able to handle short notice requests as our examiners are readily available. Our tuition includes lodging!

Discover the Difference

Our ATP Training

  • Focused on Military and Current Jet Pilots
  • Highly Experienced Retired Military and professional Civilian Instructors
  • ATP Military Pricing
  • Are you a rpa pilot? enroll in our long course

Are you ready

for your ATP Certificate?

New Rules for ATP

  • As of August 1, 2014, applicants must complete the ATP Certification Program before taking the new ATPM Knowledge Test.

ATP Minimum Requirements

  • Be at Least 23 Years Old
  • Hold a Current FAA Medical Certificate or a current 1042/up-chit and be on flying status.
  • FAA Commercial Instrument Certificate or Military experience per FAR 61.73
  • Passed the appropriate ATP Knowledge Test
  • At least 1500 hours Fight Time including:
    • 500 Hours Cross Country
    • 100 Hours Night Time
    • 75 Hours Instrument
    • 250 Hours PIC Time
    • 100 Hours Cross Country PIC
    • 25 Hours Night PIC

Do you qualify

for a restricted ATP?

Military pilots with minimum of 750 hours total time as a pilot may apply for a restricted ATP. When you get 1500 Total Time go to the FSDO and get the unrestricted ATP. No additional flying required. Advise us on initial contact you are getting a Restricted ATP. There is no automatic conversion of .2 or .3 for taxi time for military pilots. If you plan on using taxi time, advise us and we will tell you how to do that. You WILL need to bring proof your graduation from a military pilot training program, current aeronautical orders and proof of your last military Instrument check-ride.

Need more Multi-Engine Time?

We offer special multi-engine time building and ATP training packages for pilots who need to meet the 50-hour minimum requirement. Designed for Marine Corps Harrier pilots!

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Jet to Prop

Transition Program

Little or No experience in light twin aircraft?

No problem, most of our students are military or current jet pilots looking for a program tailored to their needs. We are experts at light twin transition training. Our targeted study guide prepares you for the ground evaluation and flights in piston aircraft systems. Our examiner's are professional pilots who fly for Airlines, Charter companies or heavy jets for individuals.

ATP Flight Training

designed for your success

These accelerated and structured courses are designed to help you pass your check-ride in the minimum FAA time while developing confidence in your skills that will stay with you throughout your aviation career.

Short Course

Our Short ATP is designed for current military pilots (API-1 or service equivalent) who are looking for an accelerated program with up to 6-7 hours of flight training, ground school, and ATP Check-ride. $3250 includes lodging. Examiner's fees $400 extra.


Long Course

Our Long ATP is our standard course for pilots seeking a more thorough program featuring up to 8-10 flight training hours. $5200 Includes lodging. Examiner's fees extra $400.

PRICING DISCLAIMER: Accessible Aviation does not guarantee you will complete your license or rating in these hours for our Courses. You may require and need to purchase additional flight training or nights lodging for our Courses.

Military Pricing POLICY

Accessible Aviation offers special pricing on our Airline Transport Pilot programs to all current (API 1 or service equivalent) military pilots looking to attend our Columbus Ms. flight school.

We are so confident in our program that if you do need to recheck, up to one hour of the additional training is on us.

How to Schedule

your ATP Training

Training is offered 7 days a week and can be scheduled by calling our Chief Instructor, Carl Nuzzo, directly at 662-574-9157. All admissions and training schedules are handled by Carl personally to ensure the highest quality training and availability at all our school locations. Once contacted about your training schedule, a deposit is required to reserve your training block.

Schedule your Training

Hear From Our students

Carl and Accessible get the job done quickly and as painless as possible. My goal was to spend minimum time away from home and we accomplished that, did the ATP written, the ATP and the FE written in less than 6 days! The check pilot was especially understanding and accommodating to me being a military pilot. Carl catered to my style of flying and understood my background. I highly recommend Accessible.

USAF KC-10 Pilot Travis AFB Ca.

After an exhaustive search on the Internet and after talking to my friends around the military, I decided to go train to with Accessible Aviation in Columbus, MS.  This was quite simply the best career decision I have ever made. After years of flying heavy military tanker aircraft (KC-135's) I was a bit uneasy with the idea of taking a check ride in a light twin. The staff at Accessible had a streamlined program tailored specifically to my needs and led me through the entire process with confidence and ease. The combination of computer prep, videos, memory aids and live ground instruction was the key to my near flawless results on both FAA written tests. Their proven track record is a direct result of Carl's policy of making sure you are ready for your FAA check ride. In less than 6 days I was able to complete my ATP written, ATP check ride and my FE Written with a 99%. Overall, my training at Accessible Aviation was top notch!

Jason D, NH Air Guard