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We understand everyone has unique goals, background, and availability that will impact your training progress. Let our instructors meet with you to develop a dedicated plan based on your goals. We strongly recommend you enroll in our "One Week to Solo" program to start. This concentrated course will get you through the biggest hurdle in learning to fly: that first flight by yourself at the controls of an aircraft! This program makes the most of your time commitment and is an efficient way to maximize your learning!

Getting to Takeoff

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How to Start

Becoming a pilot is a rewarding accomplishment that allows you to experience the beauty and adventure of flight. There are a few minimum requirements to begin your training.

  • Must be 16 Years Old to Solo
  • Must be 17 Years Old to Obtain License
  • Must be able to read, speak, and understand English
  • Hold at least a Third Class Medical Certificate


  • The first phase starts with watching videos and groundschool with your instructor. You will actually fly your first day!
  • Then you will learn how to safely take off and land, fly the airplane to the practice area and handle abnormal situations. We will also teach you about the aircraft,, aerodynamics(for history majors) and other areas.
  • After solo you will learn how to fly at night, navigate to go places (the real reason you want to learn to fly), and you will fly by yourself to destinations outside 50 miles from where you took off.
  • The third phase is reviewing previously learned maneuvers to prepare for your FAA Practical Test!



Accessible Aviation offers flight training options for both single-engine and multi-engine FAA licenses and ratings. These accelerated and structured courses are designed to help you pass your check ride in the minimum FAA time while developing confidence in your skills that will stay with you throughout your aviation career.


We offer Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, & Commercial Pilot Certificates programs to fit your personal or professional goals in aviation.



Our Multi-Engine Rating Programs upgrade our privileges to your Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate in the shortest time possible.

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Certified Flight Instructor

we do not currently offer the CFI initial but have add on programs

We offer Single-Engine and Multi-Engine

Accessible Aviation does not offer an initial CFI training program. We offer SEL add on and MEL add on to current CFIs. MEI add on for current instructors: $4595! Spring Special: $3495 If you are a military pilot who received your CFI through the Mil Comp program we can help you get the MEL or SEL add on as part of your ATP training or as a stand alone program.

Airline Transport Pilot

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The FAA's Highest Certificate

Allow our highly experienced, retired USAF or civilian instructors with hundreds of hours of “Dual Given” to provide you with the quality instruction you need to obtain your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License.