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Golden Gate

KOAK Oakland International Airport

Oakland, California

Multi-Engine Training is our Specialty

Accessible Aviation Golden Gate aims to be the Bay area's premier Multi Engine Flight Training Academy in an updated Piper PA-34 Seneca I. Garmin GNS-430, Slaved HSI, new paint and interior.

Our goal is to provide first class flight training to pilot who want to pursue a career in aviation and the owner operator who wants to learn to fly to fly his own aircraft for business or pleasure. Accessible Aviation International has been doing Multi Engine training since 1999. We provide the same high level of training in the Bay Area as in Columbus. Our Golden Gate Chief Pilot has over 2000 hours of dual given and was trained and mentored by our Chief Pilot. Instructors from Columbus rotate to Golden Gate to provide student training and ensure standardization.

Private or Commercial MEL Add-on: $3595 Includes up to 6 hours Dual, 6 hours ground school, aircraft for check ride.

Private or Commercial MEL Add-on: $4595 Includes up to 8.5 hours Dual, 6 hours ground school, aircraft for check ride.

Initial Commercial MEL: $8900 Includes 20 hours Dual, 6 hours ground school aircraft for check ride.

MEI add-on: $3,400




Experience the Accessible

training difference in the Bay Area

Accessible Aviation focuses on preparing military and civilian students for exciting careers in aviation. Our experienced military and civilian instructors provide the highest standard in aviation training. Our aircraft have updated moving-map GPS and are maintained at our on-site maintenance hangar complete with parts locker.


Accessible Aviation offers part 61 flight training options for both single-engine and multi-engine FAA licenses and ratings. These accelerated and structured courses are designed to help you pass your check ride. in the minimum FAA time while developing confidence in your skills that will stay with you throughout your aviation career.


We offer Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, & Commercial Pilot Certificates programs to fit your personal or professional goals in aviation.

Private Pilot C-172R with Garmin GNS-430, 50 hours flight training, ground school, books: $11,500



Our Multi-Engine Rating Programs upgrade our privileges to your Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate in the shortest time possible.

Airline Transport Pilot

Are you ready for the FAA's highest certificate? Accessible Aviation offers both long and short courses including ground school, flight training, check ride. prep, and aircraft for check ride.

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Military Pricing

Accessible Aviation offers special pricing on our Airline Transport Pilot programs to all current (API 1 or service equivalent) military pilots looking to attend our Long Beach (Long Beach Ca) or Golden Gate (Oakland, CA) flight school.

We are so confident in our program that if you need an additional flight to prepare you for the check ride it is on us! If you do need to recheck, one hour of additional training is on us.

No flying experience?

Join our "Zero to Hero" career training program and go from Zero Flight time to Commercial Pilot in no time.

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Accessible Aircraft

for your training needs

We own and operate all our aircraft. Our single-engine and multi-engine aircraft are fully equipped with Garmin moving-map systems for all your training needs.

High-Quality Instruction

from Experienced CFIs

Our instructors are retired military or highly experienced civilian pilots who are professional instructors focused on advancing your career not building time for theirs.

Carl Nuzzo

Chief Instructor

Rob Grehan

Asst. Chief Instructor

Christian Nuzzo

Instructor & Mechanic

Our Premier Flight School

Our school is designed for your to succeed

Students at Golden Gate receive structured professional instruction in an environment that enhances the learning experience. Our classrooms are free from distractions from flight line operations or students from other schools.

Custom Learning Center

Custom Learning Center to enhance your training experience

Our Learning Center is a modern classroom with IDEA paint walls so you and your instructor can exchange ideas freely. Personal Computers equipped with headphones allow for quiet focus during Jeppesen ground school sessions.

Quiet Briefings

Our briefing cubicles are soundproof!

Students at Golden Gate enjoy the private soundproofed briefing cubicles that are designed so you and your instructor can train and brief for flights uninterrupted.

Separate Dispatch

Designed for your success!

Undistracted Training is one of our highest priorities. Our separate dispatch area minimizes distractions to students readying for their flights and students studying in our learning center or briefing cubicles.

How to Schedule

your Flight Training

Training is offered 7 days a week and can be scheduled by calling our Chief Instructor, Carl, directly at 662-574-9157. All admissions and training schedules are handled by Carl personally to ensure the highest quality training and availability at all our school locations.

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