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by Military Veterans

We are focused on Military Student Training

Get trained by instructors that speak your language!

Most of our flight instructors are former military pilots and instructors that are passionate about teaching aviation. We have active and retired USAF pilots with over 3000 hours each who have trained hundreds of student pilots since beginning in 1999. Let the people who train the best, train YOU! We have trained over 1000 ATP applicants since 1999.


Get the most of training dollars by training with former military instructors who speak your language and understand your training goals.

Military Pilot

with over 750 hours?

Military pilots with minimum of 750 hours total time as a pilot may apply for a restricted ATP. When you get 1500 Total Time go to the FSDO and get the unrestricted ATP. No additional flying required. Advise us on initial contact you are getting a Restricted ATP. You must still meet the requirements for night and instrument time. There is no automatic conversion of .2 or .3 for taxi time for military pilots. If you plan on using taxi time, advise us and we will tell you how to do that.

Pre-IFS Training

What should you do if you are waiting at CAFB for your IFS to begin? We recommend you get a few hours of C-172 time with us if you don't have any previous flight experience. Let us help you comfortable with the procedures before you start IFS. Stand out from the crowd.