Accessible Aviation

Golden Triangle

KGTR Golden Triangle Regional Airport

Columbus, Mississippi

Multi-Engine Training is our Specialty

Since 1999 we have been training pilots in our Piper Seneca I for ATP and Commercial Multi Engine Land

Golden Triangle Regional Airport is a towered Regional Airport ideally suited for flight training. We are the only flight school on the field and you will not be competing with Airliners or Biz Jets for patterns. Working areas within 10 NM and three airports for take offs and landing practice within 15 NM. Spend your time flying, not taxiing or going to/from the working area.

Experience the Difference


Our Flight Programs save you time and money when earning your FAA Licenses.

Our structured courses provide high-paced, structured flight training aimed at completing your ratings as close to FAA minimums as possible. Ground School Training with reading and homework assignments provide a strong training foundation. Dedicated Flight Training of at least 3 flights a week instills confidence and conisistency in your flight experience. This combined approach maximizes your training potential and saves you money on your FAA License training.


Accessible Aviation offers Part 61 flight training options for both single-engine and multi-engine FAA licenses and ratings. These accerlerated and structured courses are designed to help you pass your checkride in the minimum FAA time while developing confidence in your skills that will stay with you throughout your aviation career.


We offer Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, & Commercial Pilot Certificates programs to fit your personal or professional goals in aviation.



Our Multi-Engine Rating Programs upgrade our privledges to your Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate in the shortest time possible.

Airline Transport Pilot

Are you ready for the FAA's highest certificate? Accessible Aviation offers both long and short courses including ground school, flight training, checkride prep, and aircraft for checkride.

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Military Pricing Guarantee

Accessible Aviation offers guaranteed pricing on our Airline Transport Pilot programs to all current (API 1 or service equivalent) military pilots looking to attend our Golden Triangle (Columbus, MS) or Golden Gate (Oakland, CA) flight school.

We are so confident in our program that if you need an additional flight to prepare you for the checkride, it is on us! If you do need to recheck, the additional training and aircraft for the checkride is on us.


Ready to Fly

Our fleet is equipped with a Garmin Moving-Map GPS system.

We have a Cessna 172 equipped with Garmin GPS for Single-Engine FAA License Training. Our Multi-Engine Piper Seneca I is equipped with Garmin GPS for Multi-Engine FAA License Training.

High-Quality Instruction

from Experienced CFI's

Our instructors are retired military or highly experienced civilian pilots who are professional instructors focused on advancing your career not building time for theirs.

Carl Nuzzo

Chief Instructor

Jim Prouty

Asst. Cheif Instructor

Erin Cappel

Senior Instructor

Christian Nuzzo

Instructor & Mechanic

Become a CFI

You can join our team of instructors by graduating from our Career Pilot Program. Enroll in our Private through Commercial Pilot Training and recieve employment opportunites after you finish.

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